START: Finikas, Syros Island   DESTINATION: Faros, Sifnos Island

After the last night of storm, we planned to move on to our next Island – Sifnos. We picked a very small beach town called Faros at the southern part of the Island.

We started the day by moving the boat to Finikos Marina to get water, electricity and power our electronics. We visited the town spent sometime at a beautiful cafe and bought provisions for rest of the day.

As you will see, the Island of Sifnos and Faros in particular torns out to be very beautiful. We walked around the place, and hit the restaurants. We topped off our budget for the bars – we almost visited all those places serving beer on that beach.

0106-cafe-for-breakfast  0108  0210-destination-Sifnos  0217    0224---Lunch




0344---Faros-Village  0348    0355

0360  0362

0366  0388

0850-night-musical After consuming tons to beer, and having a great time with music someone came up with the udea of sailing under the moon light. It was almost full moon and we had never done this before. Guess what – no one countered the idea and we all decided to sail at night under the moon light to the Island of Ios. 0903---Lets-sail-at-night,-under-the-moon

The experience was great because we did it for the first time. But it was hard on the crew — no one could sleep because the sea was turbulent, we had to sit our side the Island and wait for the morning light for hours and when we reached it was a tricky maneuver to pull the boat on the marina.