Mykonos is the place where you can be lying on the beach all day, and will be parting rest of the night. You will also have good dinner and shopping experience all within walking distance.

“Mykonos is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. Totally whitewashed organic cube-like buildings fit closely together to form a kind of haphazard maze of narrow alley ways and streets. The earthen colors of the bare hills which surround the town’s gleaming whiteness is set between the aura of an incredibly blue sky and even deeper blue sparkling sea. Its many well preserved windmills and hundreds of tiny red-roofed churches adds a flavor of culture and custom to the scene, enhanced even further by many museums and the historical ancient site of Delos. Together with being friendly and open people, the locals have a healthy understanding of what it means to have a good time. Put this together with all the island’s other qualities and it is no wonder Mykonos has been often named “the jewel” of the Aegean Sea.” More

Elias Beach

This is amazing place away from crowd. If lazing around is the idea, you can’t beat this beach. Water is crystal clear, so much so that, you would like to taste it. I did one other mistake – walked on the beach barefoot. Beware – this  is not your uncles’ Caribbean Beach Resort. Sand is not fine grained, you will definitely need sandals even when you are in the water.

DSC_6539 DSC_6563 Mykonos-beach-2

 Little Venice

Dont get put-off by the name – it actually smells better. And is a place for action from evening till early morning. Sunset, great restaurants, shopping experience or clubbing – this is  the place.

DSC_8032 DSC_7927 DSC_8071

Paradise beach

It’s a commercial beach and gets very crowded. It has great amenities though – shower, restaurant (15-20 Euros per Margarita), and heaven for bikini clad babes. It is kind of Miami-Grind kind of beach-show-party-place and if you are with kids, you don’t want to hang aground till late.

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