Day 1: [14th Sep, 2013] Alimos Marina

Crew reached Athens, except Steph, who was delayed by a week due to urgent work. We drove from Airport and arrived at Alimos Marina in the afternoon. We got the possession of the boat from Markos. Our beloved captain Peter arrived at 6:30 to get the final run down. And, to open the Metaxa (5 Star).

Here’s a video of how the Marina (and the area south of Alimos) looks from top. This is the route we will be taking tomorrow morning to our destination — Sounion.

Four of the crew, from left to right, Mario, Chris, Bo and Prady
Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000105

The look of the Marina at Alimos.
Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000200

And, this is the our boat — Bavaria 41, named Spanaki. It accommodates at least 6 people and is equipped with everything we need for next 14 days.Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000300

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000304
Our skipper – Peter Roberts was last to arrive at Athens, and he brought what the crew would savor for next 2 weeks – Mataxa 5 star – goes well will Coke :-)

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000319

Bo “three fingers” Sorentino — Our Chief Chef.Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000400

Below, the first gentleman is Markos, the owner of Spanaki.Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000401---Markos
And this is Dora, who facilitated the trip and arranging the boat for us.Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000402---Dora

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000500

About Alimos Marina:

Located about nine miles southwest of downtown Athens, Alimos is one of Greece’s largest marinas, with more than 1,000 docking spaces. On-site amenities include a bank ATM, baggage storage, and postal services, and there are a number of restaurants and rental car companies in the immediate vicinity. The marina is serviced by a sizable network of trams, buses, and taxies, with stations located less than a mile away. Several yacht rental companies, including Sail Greece and Kavas Yachting, operate out of the marina, as well. [Ref. Travel+Leisure]

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000788

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000790

[below] Our first night dinner was probably the best we had in the whole trip – This is an amazing place with great, authentic greek food/drinks, and amazingly charming customer service. And the best one — it was as reasonably priced as it can get. We liked this place so much that we came back twice again after end of our trip.

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000806

Day1 - Alimos Marina, Athens - 000807