START: Faros, Sifnos Island DESTINATION: Ios Port, Ios Island
Sailing all night.

Ios is an Island exactly north of our final point on Cyclades – Santorini. We came here after overnight sailing and stayed the whole day and night, filled the gas, water and electricity before hitting out to Santorini the next day. The Island was great and walk to the Chora and have dinner and drinks was one of the most memorable moment for all.

Ios or Nios (as it is called by the locals) is a very beautiful and picturesque Greek Island with excellent sandy beaches and hundreds chapels. Its pretty Chora (capital), is a dazzling mix of white washed houses and blue domed churches. Ios Island is well know for its nightlife with sounds from every corner of the planet and offer all kind of entertainment. They say, Ios is heaven for folks to come here for beaches and all night parties and it competes with Mykonos head on to grab the attention.