You never truly know your limits until you push them and now, after the last 24 hours, experience them. Getting to Finikas was a task where both physical mental and emotional strength was challenged! As a first time sailor 2-4feet waves were enough to make me say my hail merries as continued life was questionable yet alone be tasked with helm. Personally looking right in the eye of apparent fear but comfortable And confident enough to push through to enjoy the after party celebrations was totally worth it. Unbelievable is the least of words I would use.

With the experience and guidance of our captain we were happy arriving to the island only to hit a storm. After battling the Paros sea we gladly anchored and weathered the storm.  The night was full of laughs and great food served up by Bo “3 fingers” Sorrentino.  Due to the storm we were also able to take some of the best and most beautiful pictures that really captured the essence of the scenery.

After that excitement we all earned a good nights sleep. In the morning we were up and at em with showers breakfast and  preparing for the adventure yet to begin with provisions, and reloading the ship.  Although we didn’t have much if any wind we were still ready to get the day off to a strong start. We had about 30 miles to get to the next island and the ocean was very calm making for a Sifnos ride yet a smooth ride.

All in all so much to be thankful for; life is good.


Mario Mejia


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