I have not see the heaven, but what ever picture I had in mind, is refreshed with Santorini. Especially if you have witnessed the sun rise, sun set, and all other time during the day, you will die to come here (heaven, literally). Santorini is the most desirable and most photogenic Islands on earth. Santorini has been made more famous with its imposing caldera, white-washed houses and blue domes. A favorite honeymoon destination, witnessing one of the best sunrises in the world over its volcanic ridge and that unique glow as it touches the white-washed houses. But there’s also nothing like the Sun set when the whole city light brightens up the horizon. There are several villages and towns on Santorini Island, four of which are perched along the top of the crescent-shaped cliff of the caldera Fira & Oia the most popular of all.

Check out the pictures, and multiply the real kick you will get my at least 10 time. Closest place to heaven on Earth.